Reading Challenge!

Now you are started here at INTO Manchester………

A great way of improving your English – and you may even enjoy it!

We CHALLENGE you to read 3 books in English before end of this term

We CHALLENGE you to write a book review

We CHALLENGE you to read something you would not normally read- so not your textbooks!

And guess what? Not only will the BEST REVIEW get a prize, each person who writes three complete book reviews will get a Certificate.


Come into the Learning Centre, 2nd Floor to register

Welcome New Students

Welcome to all our new students- and welcome back to all our current students. We’ve missed you!

It’s 2020 and we are going to be working hard to make sure you find the best resources for your work in the most efficient way.

Keep checking back here  for new developments and follow us on Twitter  at @into_mcrlrc

Remember, if you need help finding any information- just ask in the LRC on the 2nd Floor