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Hello and Welcome

On this opening page is where you’ll find all the latest news from the Learning Centre.

This portal is here to give you easy access to many online learning resources and websites, including: online journals and databases, key news, competitions and much, much more!

We hope it will help you with your studies here at INTO Manchester and that it will become one of your favourite sites.

Make sure you read this page regularly!

Closed Monday 29th May 2018

Monday 28th May is a Bank Holiday in the UK.

This means that INTO Manchester and the Learning Centre will be CLOSED.

We will open as normal on Tuesday 29th May 2018 at 8.45am

If you are interested in the history of our bank holidays, check here.

Ramadan Mubarak!

This week, the Islamic holy month of Ramadan begins

Ramadan celebrates the date in 610 C.E. when, according to Islamic tradition, the Quran was first revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.

During the month, Muslims are called to renew their spiritual commitment through daily fasting, prayer, and acts of charity.
Many of our students  at INTO Manchester will be fasting, so won’t eat or drink between dawn and sunset.

We wish you all “Ramadan Kareem”

Time to Relax…….It’s Good for your Revision………

For many of you it’s time to start revision as we go into the exam season.

One of the key ways to avoid exam stress is to make sure you take regular breaks.

Research shows that this aids memory and ability to retain the facts you need.

So, in the very cool Learning  Centre (remember, we have air conditioning!), we have an area for you to sit and relax in. Have a go at a jigsaw, use the Harry Potter colouring books, cuddle our giant pet sheep (!), play a relaxing game of cards, make a plasticine model……have a rest…… then return to study refreshed, relaxed and with a mind fit to absorb information.

The following  film may also help you with some tips for revision and avoidng exam stress


Shakespeare’s Birthday Book Bash in the Learning Centre


Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

We’re holding a BOOK SALE in the Learning Centre, starting on Monday, 23rd April, to mark Shakespeare’s birthday.  Shakespeare himself will be presiding over the occasion so you can take selfies with him.

For anyone that doesn’t know, William Shakespeare is considered one of the greatest writers to ever use the English language.

Books will be sold at a minimum of £1.00 each – and all funds will go straight to INTO Giving,  a charity that supports children’s education and teachers across the globe.

So Thank You in advance for your generous contributions!

Please feel free to bring in any books to add to the sale. Any books in good condition – fiction, non-fiction, any subject – will be welcomed

Want to stop using Wikipedia? Seeking more relevant sources?

Calling all January humanities students:

Looking for relevant, reputable sources for your assignments/course work?

Learning Centre staff will be in room 117, every Wednesday, 12.15pm to 1pm, to show you how to use The Review magazines. Great for your politics/economics and business assignments.

No need to book, just show up!

All Change!

Welcome back! Studying hard after the Bank Holidays?

You may notice some changes after the holidays- one of our E-books (electronic/online) book collections has changed to Ebook Central from Myilibrary.

Don’t worry, we’ve spent all Easter writing some new instructions on how to use it…..any problems ask Learning Centre staff.

Also, your Moodle may look a bit different: don’t panic, all the information should still be there!