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Check this page every month to see our new stock, and book spotlights (books recommended by the Learning Centre staff each month).

This month we’re all about quick reads: quick and accessible fiction and non-fiction for everyone. Whether you want a quick introduction to a new topic, or to practice your English with our Graded Readers there’ll be a bit of something for everyone!

Below you’ll see a selection of highlights, but make sure to check out our display in Centre, or come speak to a member of staff for further recommendations!

Graded Readers

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

One of our brand new Penguin Quick Reads aimed at Upper Intermediate Readers (Green Spot in Centre). A novel exploring Britain’s relationship with immigrants from the British Commonwealth.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Blue Spot Quick Read for Intermediate Readers. Divorcee Rachel idealises Scott and Megan, a young couple living next door to her ex-husband, and his new wife Anna. When Megan goes missing, Rachel is dragged into the ensuing investigation.

Also a film!

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The classic vampire tale. Available in both Blue Spot Intermediate and Yellow Spot Pre-Intermediate editions, Dracula is a must-read for any fans of gothic horror!

Oxford Very Short Introductions

A Very Short Introduction to Game Theory by Ken Binmore

Introducing the fascinating world of Game Theory. Reveals how Game Theory can be understood without mathematical equations, and reveals how everything from winning poker to the sex-ratio of bees can be understood with time.

A Very Short Introduction to the Cell by Terence Allen and Graham Cowling

Explores the nature of cells – their basic structure, their forms, division, differentiation, signalling and their programmed death. A great introduction to a central feature of any study of biology or medicine.


A variety of issues will be on display, including Issue 351: Biotech and Bioethics, Issue 282: Cloning and Stem Cells, Issue 276: Consumerism and many, many more! These are great introductions to a variety of topics, perfect for Intermediate (Blue Spot) readers.

They can all be accessed online too: ISSUES Online

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