Frequently Asked Questions

Borrowing Books

How many books can I borrow (take home)?

  • You can have up to 12 books at a time!

How long can I borrow books for?

  • Up to 3 weeks
  • Check the front of your book for a date stamp – this is the due date!

Can I reserve a book?

  • You can reserve a book if you are based in the UK. Do this through the library catalogue by selecting “Reserve” at the top left of the book page.
  • Once reserved we will put the book to the side and you can collect from the Learning Centre staff desk.

What if I can’t find the book I want?

  • Ask the LC staff for help – they may be able to find the book, or an alternative resource for you.
  • Search for alternative resources on EBSCO or E-Book Central.
  • See if one of Manchester’s other libraries has it in stock.
  • More details here.


What is OpenAthens?

OpenAthens is the service that allows you to log into EBSCO Discovery and all of our other online databases! You may occasionally hear the words OpenAthens and EBSCO used interchangably.

Where do I get my Log-in Details?

  • These are emailed to you at the beginning of term so please check your inbox!
  • All ID’s follow the format of inm followed by your student number e.g. inm32910934
  • If you cannot find your details, or they do not work simply email us and we will help you.

Where is the link for OpenAthens?

The easiest way to log in is by going to Online and Electronic Resources on our website here.