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Idea for Tuesday 28th April

Release that tension, open your lungs and…….

Every Tuesday at 6pm (Manchester time!, BST)

Band on the Wall  is a famous music venue in the  Northern Quarter area of Manchester; it has taken its World of Music choir online, bringing interactive singalongs & music lessons into your home.

Join folk singer Bella Hardy as she leads you in traditional and modern songs, harmonies and rounds,  every Tuesday at 6pm.

Full details: HERE

Idea for Monday 27th April

Write it down! “journaling”

These are strange times- unlike anything we have seen before…….. so make sure you don’t forget how you feel,  remember what you are experiencing and what you are seeing at this dramatic time.

How about writing a journal?…….studies have shown that writing about feelings reduces stress and anxiety. “Journaling” can be such an effective way of processing thoughts and feelings that it is often recommended by mental-health professionals.

Journals kept today may be of great interest years from now – you are writing the historical documents for the future to study. You can be the next Samuel Pepys.

And what  a way to practise your handwriting!

Idea for Tuesday April 21st

Sometimes the easiest things are the hardest……..

Today’s task for keeping going is deceptively simple- but it means giving of yourself:

Connect with someone, even if it is to smile at someone across the street or write a short message to someone.

Connect! however you are allowed, wherever you are.

Idea for Monday 20th April

Energy for the week!

Start as you mean to go on. This will get you going ………

FREE access to over 500 workouts from celebrity trainers and fitness experts across strength, cardio, dance and yoga. Active by POPSUGAR is usually charged for- but is now free……

From beginner to advanced — filter workouts by duration, level of difficulty, and type of sweat sessions.

Pump that iron!


Idea for Friday 17th April

Give your brain a rest!

Too many things buzzing around your head?

Keeping our distance from others, not seeing our friends and families plus the constant bad news and panic around coronavirus is unsettling and can impact on our mental health and sense of well-being.

Here are some FREE resources to help you alleviate stress and some of the symptoms of panic –  whether you are here with us in Manchester or  back at home.

Why not spend this weekend looking after yourself?

Idea for Wednesday 15th April

Time to unwind!

If you mind is still racing after study this morning (or evening!   Time  zone alert )….try this!

This is from the International Society’s Facebook page. Have you joined them yet?

They have a group for students who are still here in Manchester in lockdown,  as well as for International Students generally. Details HERE

This is their Word Wednesday puzzle. How many words can you make using these letters?? there are more than 21……….