Good Luck To All our Hardworking Students

To all our students taking exams, we wish you all the best

Remember: read the questions carefully first…….

We look forward to hearing how well you have done!

Free Study Clinic!

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  • Dealing with stress during your exams?

  • Tips on effective ways to revise?

  • Where to find the best information for your assignments?

                       And…… to win prizes!?

Then Study Clinic is for you! Come and see us in 1st Floor Breakout area Thursday 11th May 1pm – 2pm


Need to get relaxed about your exams?

visit the Learning Centre’s

Exam Stress “De-Stress Zone”

  • Cuddle our friendly sheep! And the dog!

  • Do our relaxing jigsaw

  • Do some calming colouring-in

  • Get some great advice on staying relaxed  about your exams

Good Luck to All doing Exams!

good luck

It’s that time of the year……

Remember, we have top tips on how to beat exam nerves in the Learning Centre.

Also, a relaxation corner to calm you down- do a jigsaw,  colouring- in- even cuddle a sheep…….