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Idea for Monday 30th March


A great way to start the week-  make a message of solidarity for your window.

Okay, this social distancing is HARD. But why not take a little time to offer a message of hope. People have been putting colourful pictures on their windows to cheer up passers-by. The rainbows aim to make people smile while they’re walking by and also offer a message of solidarity.

Rainbows are used as a symbol of peace and hope as they often appear when the sun follows a heavy rainfall. They serve to remind us that there is hope and light to follow even after dark times. The current trend appears to have started in Italy but has also been adopted by the US, Canada and Spain, where people have adorned their windows and balconies with colourful pictures.

It is now happening across Manchester.

Go on- have a go!

This is mine…….


Idea for Friday 27th March

Sat indoors in your room- phone, laptop, tablet……..remember, sometimes you need to turn everything off and stretch, change your position and blink!

Tip of today is to make sure you install a timer to remind you- and the Tomato Timer is perfect for this!

It works on the Pomodoro Technique where you break all your tasks into 25-minute time blocks. Then,  have a 5 minute short break and stretch, get up and walk around, do a breathing exercise, make a coffee……you choose!
Complete 4 of these time blocks and have a longer break.
This is a time management technique created by Francesco Cirillo for a more productive way to work and study. See if it works for you! Some people love it, others hate it
Do you have any tips to stop excessive screen time and to study productively? Let us know!



Idea for Thursday 26th March

Have a think!

During this time, looking after our MENTAL HEALTH is REALLY important. Making sure we are  able to cope with the restrictions on our daily life and with enough energy to carry on thinking about what is important to us. Oh, even doing some study.

Take some time to work out what works for you.

This simple check-list has some good ideas. Big thanks to Bath College for sharing.

The bit about taking care of your surroundings was a good check for me- I have tidied my room where I work! And yes, keep connected with us here at INTO Manchester Learning Centre.

Idea for Wednesday 25th March

Well now for something completely different!

how about using this time to learn a new skill- the art of cartooning

2 great thing to watch

  1. The fantastic Nick Sharratt  shows you how it is done here:

and there is  a Cartoon Workshop for Beginners starting today at 12 noon

It will be on the Pete McKee channel, a famous local cartoonist. Click the image to find it!

Happy Drawing! E-mail us with what you draw……