Doing your research for your assignments? Want to do well?


Remember:  the Learning Centre has some fantastic resources you can use- information you can trust! All found in Ebsco Discovery


To use Ebsco Discovery, you need your OpenAthens password- have you got yours yet?

If not, come into the Learning Centre and ask  This is important!

Have You Signed in to Your Student E-mail Yet?

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This is something we told you about at your library induction/opening talk- but don’t worry if you’ve forgotten, we’re reminding you now!

To access your INTO e-mail, you need to log on to an INTO Computer in the centre- YOU CANNOT REGISTER FOR E-MAIL WITHOUT DOING THIS FIRST…..

Once you have signed in here, you can set up your e-mail so it works on your phone/ tablet/ I Pad etc

It is really important that you do this soon- teachers will use your INTO email to communicate important messages to you and you need this email to submit your work electronically.

So Please: DO IT SOON

Resource of the Week: UK Parliament Website


UK Parliament Website

Official website for UK Parliament with information on how parliament works, with latest news and details of topics currently under debate. A great starting point for discovering how the British electoral system works.

For example, the House of Lords pages looks at the role and work of the House of Lords.

This website is just one of the useful websites on politics that you will find on

All these sites have been checked by staff to ensure that they are genuine websites containing useful information for your studies.


Resource of the Week: The Week


The Week: Keep Up with the World!

Taken from over 200 print and online sources, The Week brings you news, comment and opinion from the UK and international media. It’s a great way of keeping up to date with what’s going on in both the UK and at home in one handy magazine; it’s also a great thing to read to practice your English reading and understanding.

The first 2 pages always round up the main stories from different newspapers- so it’s useful for looking at “media bias”- that is, how the same story may be reported in a different way.

As well as discovering all of the main stories, key opinions and comment, you will also get a flavour of the week’s cultural highlights, including art exhibitions, books, theatre, films, sport, people, new gadgets, travel and recipes. You will come across as very cultured and clever if you read The Week and it may improve your cooking – I made a lovely lentil soup from a recipe I saw in The Week!

Resource of the Week: Cite Them Right


Cite them right: The essential referencing guide

Available on the shelf at 371.30281PEA

 My favourite!  One of the most detailed yet easy-to-use guides to referencing available to students. Covering any information source- from twitter to websites, books with or without authors, audio-visual material and even sculptures- this guide never lets you down.

The layout of the book makes it surprisingly readable with plenty of clear examples that show you how to cite the correct way for Harvard referencing. Simply look up the type of item  you are trying to cite and turn to the page given.  Simple……


Resource of the Week: Study Skills Handbook


The Study Skills Handbook by Stella Cottrell

If you are struggling with how to write an academic essay, how to take part in group work or what is meant by critical thinking, this is the book for you. The section on Developing Academic Writing is particularly useful with top tips on how to write objectively and how to use opinions and arguments.

We have several copies in the Learning Centre- find it on the shelf at 371.3028 COT.

This fully revised fourth edition features:
• Chapters on all the core study skills – including research, critical thinking, academic writing, revision, team work and more
• Illustrations and a strong visual design – acting as memory joggers, reinforcing learning and making the book more accessible, fun and engaging
• Lots of new material including brand new chapters on student success and time management

Resource of the Week: Philip Allan Magazines

cover_biological_review cover_business_reviewcover_economic_review cover_chemistry_review cover_physics_review cover_politics_review

 Pictures, clearly written and short…….what more could you want!

The Learning Resources Centre has copies of Biological Sciences Review, Business Review, Chemistry Review, Economics Review, Physics Review and Politics Review.  Together, these journals are known as the Philip Allan Journals and can be read online as well.

Just think, you can lie in bed at the weekend and read the latest about democracy in the United Kingdom or controlling inflation in the eurozone. A perfect morning…

All you need to do to read these magazines is collect your special OpenAthens password. Come and ask for it in the Learning Centre