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INTO Manchester Learning Centre: Online Resources

Welcome to the Online Resources page for the INTO Manchester Learning Centre. Here you will find useful online databases and resources for students studying, Foundation Programmes, Pre Masters, General English and Academic English courses.

The following leaflet gives an overview of how to find the best information for your studies:

There is a longer version of this guide on finding the Best Information for International Year One and Pre-Masters Students. Available here


You may use all electronic databases and e-books on  your phone, laptop, tablet /IPad etc. and at home using the Open Athens log-in. If you have an Athens password, log-in here.

If you do not have an Open Athens password, please ask the Learning Centre staff.

INTO Manchester has the following databases, all available via OpenAthens:


  • lmadiscoveryservice
    EBSCO Discovery
    A quick and easy way to search nearly 7,000 academic and business journals and 4,000 e-books as well as the INTO Manchester library catalogue.  You can access the information from INTO Manchester or at home. You can use Ebsco Discovery for simple searches as well as in-depth searching.

Foundation students are recommended to read this guide:



International Year One and Pre Masters students are also recommended to read this advanced guide:


  You can pick up print version from the Learning Centre.    Remember: log in  using your Open Athens password.


  • The Reviews (previously known as Philip Allan Online Magazines)
    Online access to past copies of Biological Sciences Review, Business Review, Chemistry Review, Economic Review, A-level Law Review, Physics Review and Politics Review.

You can pick up print versions from the Learning Centre.    Remember: log in  using your Open Athens password.

There are individual guides for each of the magazines covered; click on the magazine you are interested in



There is a short film to help you with Politics Review here:

There is a short film to help you with Chemistry Review here:

  • Electronic books

INTO Manchester has 2  large collections of e-books (online textbooks) covering  a wide range of subjects from language to science, useful for every course taught at INTO Manchester.

These are called Ebook Central and Ebsco E-Books.  For more information on using e-books,   read the short guides by clicking on the images below

You can pick up print versions from the Learning Centre.    Remember: log in  using your Open Athens password.




INTO Manchester also has access to the following resources, all available via their own log-in and password:


  •  iologosmall
    Issues Online
    Database on social issues; covers topics such as ethics in business, globalisation and ageing in society. Includes key statistics and also links to a range of e-books on social issues.
    For more information on using this database, click the image above. You can pick up a print version from the Learning Centre. 
    Remember: login in using your Open Athens password but you need an extra password too. Ask the Learning Centre staff if you need help!
  • emeraldverysmall
    Emerald Database  

    Available to Pre- Masters Programme students only. Ask Pre-Masters Programme staff for registration details.




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