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Online Resources: Help Videos

Here you will find a series of help videos that will enable you to access the EBSCO discovery academic online databases and to be able to search it in the most effective ways for your studies. Regardless of your level of study at INTO there will be videos here that will help you find the information you need for your assignment or research more easily.

NOTE if you cannot access the video links below you will be able to do so in Brightspace in the course ‘Skills for Success’.

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Logging on to Ebsco Discovery

Simple Searching using Ebsco Discovery

Advanced Searching Using Ebsco Discovery

How to Search the online Review Magazines

How to search online for Broadsheet Newspapers (FT, Times, Guardian, Independent) and Grocer trade magazine using European Newsstream

How to Search Ebook Central

How to find a particular journal or by subject. Finding company reports and Swot Analyses

How to use the Library Catalogue to find books and to reserve books for collection