INTO Manchester Learning Centre: Library

Welcome to the INTO Manchester Library

The INTO Manchester library is part of the Learning Centre. On this page, through a series of easy links you will be able to find out more about the Library in the Learning Centre and about the wide range of information available to help you with your studies, research and with your English.

 Opening Hours for the Learning Centre 

Finding Your Book: the Library Catalogue 

Introduction to the Learning Centre

Meet The Learning Centre Team 

Other Libraries You May Use 

Guides to Help You 

Opening times from mid-September 2018 – June 2019 are:


Monday: 8.45am – 6.30pm (18:30)
Tuesday: 8.45am – 6.30pm (18:30)
Wednesday: 8.45am – 6.30pm (18:30)
Thursday: 8.45am – 6.30pm (18:30)
Friday: 8.45am – 5pm      (17:00)

  (Computers and printing close down 5 minutes before the end of each day)

However: during June –  early September,  opening hours are 9am – 4.30pm every day (Monday – Friday).

We try and keep the Learning Centre open one night a week until 6.30pm (usually Wednesday), please check with staff

You may find it useful to  read the guides that explain about the Services in the Learning Centre, how to use the computers and the printers.

Finding Your Book: The Library Catalogue 

The Learning Centre holds a wide range of different books, magazines and DVDs so it is important that you learn how to find the material you want. This will not only help you when studying at INTO Manchester, but it will help you find your way around large University libraries too.

In the Learning Centre, we use the Dewey Decimal Classification system to arrange our books.
The Library Catalogue lists all the books in the Learning Centre and helps you to find the Dewey number of the book you want so you can find it on the shelf. The Library Catalogue also lists our E-books/Electronic Books that are available for you to read online.

The Library Catalogue is available here:  Library catalogue

Here, you can look for a book by using its name or author (writer). For more information on how to find a book, see below

You will find it useful to read the guides that explain how best to use the catalogue and how to find and use electronic /e-books:



Remember: the most important thing is to ASK the Learning Centre staff  if you do not understand/ cannot find what you want.

  Meet the Learning Centre Team

Chris, Jacqueline, Helen, and Claribel

Here at the INTO Manchester Learning Centre we have a dedicated team who are here to help you make the most of the Centres resources and with your studies. No matter what you are studying at INTO Manchester please feel free to pop in and say hello and use our facilities.

Christopher (Chris) Hall  chris5 Learning Centre Manager. Chris is a professionally trained librarian with over 25 years experience. He has also been a teacher in the past. He is the Learning Centre specialist in online resources and can be contacted online through this website. He likes football, foreign travel, loud music, horror films and reading history books.

helenposingHelen Grady. Senior Learning Resource Assistant. Helen is a qualified librarian and information worker with Public Library, Charitable and University library experience spanning over 30 years. Helen is  also a qualified careers adviser and has the Trinity Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language).  Helen adores her camper van which she uses to get out and about in the beautiful British countryside. Favourite place = Scotland.

jacq2Jacqueline Anslow   Learning Assistant. Jacqueline is a qualified librarian and has worked in libraries for over fifteen years. She has an interest in English Language and is a good speller! She enjoys the countryside, English seaside holidays and reading.

Claribel Mcvennon Learning Assistant. Claribel is a BA Hons Illustration graduate and has 7 years’ experience in customer service roles. She loves drawing, reading fiction and going on long walks in the countryside.

Introduction to The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre is a Library plus computers,online resources and a quiet study area .
It is on the Ground Floor of INTO Manchester, Bridgewater House. All students and staff are welcome.

What is available in the Centre?

  • Books to borrow (to help with your course and for general interest)
  • Magazines and newspapers to read
  • DVDs to borrow
  • Access to  personal computers with a range of software and internet access
  • Study tables
  • An enquiry desk with professional staff
  • A photocopier and scanner

What can I borrow/take home?

  • You can borrow a total of 12 items
  • This includes both books and DVDs

Books are issued to you for 3 weeks. DVDs are issued to you for 1 week.  The date they are due back will be stamped on them. If you have not finished using them please ask staff for more time (called “renewing”) as fines are charged on items returned late (we charge if you owe more than £1 in total). You may also renew things from home using your library card.

Other Libraries You May Use

Although the Learning Centre will have most of the books you need for your assignments and presentations, you may find it useful to explore some of the other library services in the local area that you can use. These can be good places to go and study when you are looking for quiet space to read:

Manchester Central Library

Anyone living in Manchester can join and use Manchester Central Library. This library has some fantastic access to research and marketing databases. Ask the Learning Centre staff about how to join.

University of Manchester  Library

Students on the Manchester University pathway can use the University Library. Make sure you speak to the Learning Centre staff BEFORE going down or you will not get in!

This leaflet will also help:

Manchester Metropolitan  University Library Students on the MMU pathway can use this library. Make sure you speak to the Learning Centre staff BEFORE going down or you will not get in!

 Library Inductions (Guides) 

You may find it useful to  read the following guides that explain about the services in the Learning Centre and how to use the computers and the printers:





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