Library Catalogue (list of books)

What is the Library Catalogue?

The Library Catalogue  is a list of physical books we have in the Learning Centre that you can use for your studies if you are UK based. You can borrow (take home) up to 10 books for 3 weeks.
Just remember to bring them back by the date stamped in the front of the book so other students can read them too. You can also reserve books for collection.

Why the Library Catalogue is important

The Learning Centre holds a wide range of different books, magazines and DVDs so it is important that you learn how to find the material you want.
You need to be able to find whereabouts things are in the library so you are not walking round and round wasting time- perhaps even looking for something that is not there!

This will not only help you when studying at INTO Manchester, but it will help you find your way around large University libraries too.

In the Learning Centre, we use the Dewey Decimal Classification system to arrange our books.
The Library Catalogue  lists all the books in the Learning Centre and helps you to find the Dewey number of the book you want so you can find it on the shelf. The Library Catalogue also lists some of our E-books/Electronic Books that are available for you to read online.  You can look for a book by using its title, author (writer) or do a subject search.

You will find it useful to read the guides that explain how best to use the catalogue and how to find and use electronic /e-books:

The Library Catalogue is available here: Library catalogue

Other Libraries You May Use if UK based

Although the Learning Centre will have most of the books you need for your assignments and presentations, you may find it useful to explore some of the other library services in the local area that you can use. These can be good places to go and study when you are looking for quiet space to read:

Manchester Central Library

Manchester Central Library
Anyone living in Manchester can join and use Manchester Central Library. This library has fantastic access to research and marketing database. Ask the Learning Centre staff about how to join.