Returning Books at the End of Your Course

Hi All!

Hope your week is off to a good start. With the end of year approaching for those of you who started your course in September, we’d like to remind you all of the importance of returning your books!

All of your books borrowed from the Learning Centre must be returned before you leave INTO Manchester. The Library will still be open after your current exam period, and the final deadline to return books without charge is Friday June 17th 2022.

Even if it is after the date stamped in the front of your book, we will accept book returns without fines up to and including this date. If you return your book after this date – or not at all – a fine may be charged immediately, and you face losing some of your deposit.

If you are on a course that started in January, please abide by the usual return deadlines stamped in the front of your books. We will remind you about final return deadlines closer to the end of your course!


Learning Centre Team

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