Stress Awareness Month

Stress Awareness Month

Hi everyone!

This month in the Learning Centre we are focusing on Stress Awareness Month. Stress Awareness Month occurs every year in April, and is a great time to reflect on your own stress levels, as well as how you can improve your own self-care and relaxation rituals.

In the Learning Centre we have a display all about Stress Awareness Month, the contents of which you can also find below. We also have a variety of books on stress, anxiety, depression and self-help that you may want to pick up to browse, or take home! For those of you not in centre, we will be sharing these titles in our Monthly Spotlight so do check them out.

Many of you may also benefit from our Relaxation Corner this month. Our reading sofas are reserved throughout April for the Relaxation Corner. Anyone and everyone is welcome to pop in and take a minute, an hour – or however long you need – to put your work to the side and relax. We have colouring books and pencils/pens, stress balls, puzzle books, and more. The area should be kept quiet – though silence isn’t necessary – and relaxed. We hope you will all make the most of it.

Other resources:

Signs of stress information sheet

30 day stress busting challenge