A Reminder about Social Distancing

A brief reminder that as of Tuesday 30th November new rules have been put in place across England as a response to the Coronavirus Omicron variant. As such, we are making a return to stricter rules on social distancing and mask-wearing whilst in centre – including the Learning Centre.

Please remember:

  • Wear a mask when moving around the centre, and during classes.
  • Whilst in the Learning Centre please try to sit in a way that is socially distanced. If you cannot for any reason, please ensure that at a minimum you are wearing a mask when seated immediately next to or opposite someone.
  • Continue to use antibacterial gel and wash your hands well at regular intervals – particularly after coughing or sneezing.
  • Clean Library computers before and after using them with the provided wipes.
  • If you suspect you may have COVID please do not attend the centre. Follow the most recent advice from Welfare and Student Services around testing and absences.

It is also important to note that many of these changes apply when elsewhere in England. Please ensure when going shopping or travelling via public transport or taxis you are also wearing a mask.

If you do have symptoms of COVID19, please contact Manchester.cfc@intoglobal.com – they will help you to book a COVID test.