A Quick Guide to Borrowing Books

Some of you may have already spotted our new posters dotted around the Learning Centre, as below, but for those of you who haven’t a reminder of how to borrow books from INTO Manchester’s Learning Centre.

How Do I Borrow a Book?

To borrow a book, take it to the Learning Centre staff desk. Hand staff the following:

(1) your book or books

(2) your student ID card

They will then issue your book to your account and you can take it home with you straight away.

How Long Can I Borrow it For?

You can borrow a book for up to 3 weeks – the return date will be stamped toward the front of the book!

After this, you need to return your book to the staff at the Learning Centre.

What If I Need More Time?

If you need more time, just bring your book in and ask the staff to renew it. They’ll give you a new return date.

How Many Books Can I Borrow?

At any one time, you can borrow up to 12 books.

Any Other Questions?

Pop into the Learning Centre and ask one of our helpful members of staff or email us at manchester.lrc@intoglobal.com

Poster as seen in the LRC, text replicates the information provided in the article