Black History Month

Here at the LRC we are celebrating Black History Month during the month of October!

What is Black History Month?

Black History Month is celebrated during October every year in the United Kingdom. It is a month used to highlight and celebrate the achievements of Black people globally, and to encourage reflection on ongoing issues around racism and xenephobia. It is important that we celebrate the achievements of Black people in Britain and abroad, and this month allows a focus to be placed on those whose achievements may otherwise be overlooked.

What are we doing to celebrate?

Next to the LRC desk, throughout October you will find a display of interesting books written by Black authors, as well as (auto)biographies and books on race and race relations – why not check it out!

Highlights include:

  • Books by Malorie Blackman, the first Black Children’s Laureate
  • Biographies of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X – key figures in the global fight for equal rights for Black people
  • Poetry by Benjamin Zepheniyah and Jackie Kay

Books on display are free for you to take away and read in the library or at home – just be sure to check out with the library staff and to return them by the date stamped on your book!

We also have some interesting posters recommending other great Black authors, mini-biographies of famous Black people you may not have heard of, and some interesting search terms to try looking up on EBSCO Discovery to try out your research skills – see what you can find! You can also see those above for those of you studying from home!

Any Questions?

Pop into the LRC on the Second Floor or send us an email at