Easter Opening Times in the Learning Centre

Don’t forget: although you may not have any classes over the Easter break, the Learning Centre is still open for you to do your own studies  EXCEPT for  Friday 30th March (“Good Friday”) and Monday 2nd April (“Easter Monday”) as these are Bank Holidays in the UK (set holidays)

The rest of the time, the Learning Centre will be on our holiday hours 9am – 4.30pm

Friday 30th March (“Good Friday”): CLOSED (Bank Holiday in UK)

Monday 2nd April (“Easter Monday”): CLOSED (Bank Holiday in UK)

Tuesday 3rd April 9am – 4.30pm

Wednesday 4th April 9am – 4.30pm

Wednesday 4th April 9am – 4.30pm

Thursday 5th April 9am – 4.30pm

Friday 6th April 9am – 4.30pm

Monday 9th April 9am – 4.30pm

Tuesday 10th April 9am – 4.30pm

Wednesday 11th April 9am – 4.30pm

Thursday 12th April 9am – 4.30pm

Friday 13th April 9am – 4.30pm

Please note: the University of Manchester library is also closed Friday, 30th March to Monday, 2nd April 2018, with NO ACCESS on these days including Saturday 31st March 2018 and Sunday 1st April 2018.
Central Library in Manchester will be open on Saturday 31st March,  9am–5pm

Learning Centre open again as normal, Monday 16th April 8.45am – 5pm

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